What foods to eat to lose belly fat.

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Would you like delicious, nutrient-dense wholesome food that also helps you lose belly fat and weight as well?

Here’s what to have on hand to satisfy your hunger and burn maximum calories.

Vitamin C

Orange rich in Vitamin C
Orange rich in Vitamin C

Have you heard that Vitamin C is a fat loss-aid? Without optimal levels of certain micronutrient like Vitamin C, your effort to stay lean and avoid belly fat is undermined.

Food resources:

  • Vegetables- Brussels sprout, Broccoli, Asparagus, bell pepper, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips green, escarole, garlic, onions, peas, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, and all green leafy vegetables.
  • Fruits– Grapefruits, kiwi fruits, lemon, lime, mango, orange, pineapple, papaya, raspberries, strawberries, and tomatoes.

Calcium and Dairy

A balance breakfast for busy you

Calcium is good for your bones, but it’s also great to control hunger. Research shows that those with calcium deficiency hold greater fat mass and experience less appetite control. More excitingly studies have found that dairy sources of calcium are more effective in accelerating fat loss than other sources. Research think other ingredients in dairy act synergistically with calcium.

There is also research suggesting how to use dairy to maximize fat-fading. The research showed that eating three serving of dairy daily significantly reduced body fat in an obese object which accelerates weight loss.

Furthermore, another study showed that drinking fat-free milk immediately after whole-body resistance training and then one hour after the workout resulted in “Greater muscle mass accretion, strength gain, fat mass loss, and possible reduction in bone turnover to women.

Food resources:

  • Dairy — Milk, Yogurt, Cheese (cheddar, cottage, cream, fete, and others.
  • Nuts and seeds — Almond, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts.
  • Vegetables — Broccoli rave, Bokchoy, collard, dandelion, mustard and turnips green, kale, spinach, and watercress.


Sushi salmon

These micronutrients influence everything from enzyme and hormone production to wound and tissue healing. Two of the best benefits as research showed was a study that looked at proven strategies for successful belly fat and weight loss.

Most studies found that protein increased satiety (feeling of fullness) as well as after meal thermogenesis (calorie burn). Eating foods with high protein nutrients leads to more satisfaction, less hunger and more fat burn compared to high-carbohydrate meals.

More in research found that people following higher-protein diets generally decrease their food intakes by an average of 10% (per 200 calories)

Food resources:

  • Meat and poultry — (lean cuts) Beef, chicken, eggs, pork, turkey, veal.
  • Fish — Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, Anchovies, Cod, halibut, shrimp, crab, lobster.
  • Beans and legumes — Soybeans, String beans, Baby Lima beans, white beans, lentils.
  • Nuts and seeds — Almond, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, squash seeds.
  • Dairy — Milk, yogurt, cheese ( cottage, cream. Cheddar, etc.)

Healthy Fats

Eating a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acid MUFAs foods found on Avocado, nuts and seeds, olive, olive oil, and dark chocolate is best to keep your belly flat and your energy up.

Research also shows that we can benefit from another fatty acids-polyunsaturated, or PUFAs foods found in fish and it’s oil and in many nuts and seeds, including walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds.

A recent study also shows that consumption of Polyunsaturated foods led to a higher Resting Metabolic Rate ( the calories used to live), as well as greater and faster in burning the calories that were taken.

Food resources:

  • Vegetable — Avocado, coconut milk and oil, nuts and nut butter, particularly walnut, seeds such as flax seeds, sesame, and sunflower, soybeans oil and sunflower oil.
  • Fish — Salmon, sardines


Healthy fiber vegetables

In every meal weight research recommend that you start to eat your meal with a salad to stave off hunger and ensure that you don’t overeat. But why does work exactly? One reason is that salads are a great source of fiber such as lettuce green, carrots, young green leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and the like are all have plenty of macronutrients.

Fiber is absolutely your friend when it comes to feeling full. Its effects on the increasing feeling of satiety are well-documented. But don’t worry if you are not a fan of salad. There is plenty of fiber source from other foods such as nuts, whole grain brown rice, and fibered cereals.

Food resources:

  • Vegetable — Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Green lettuce, Kale, radish
  • Legumes — Soybeans, edamame, lentils, chickpeas dried or fresh
  • Fruits — Avocado, blue and blackberries, plum, raspberries, tomato
  • Nuts and seeds — Almond, Brazil nuts, flax seeds, pecans, pistachios, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Grains — Barley, whole-wheat

Study Shows on Specific Foods


This ancient grain is nutritional power’s house, clock full of protein, amino acids, phytosterols and vitamin E. We should be eating quinoa for its nutrition profile alone!

A study published in 2011 points to its promise as a fat inhibitor. Animal supplemented with an extract made from quinoa seeds showed less body fat, decreased body weight and decreased food consumption.


Honey boost immunity

Honey has also shown great promise in the animal study for reducing weight gain and deposits (fatness) when substituted with sugar. It’s a nutritious alternative and its health property are wide-ranging. It’s anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.

Honey may improve blood-sugar control, it’s a cough suppressant and boost immunity.


Cocoa contains more antioxidants than most foods. A study showed that a substance found in cocoa called epicatechins. There was an experiment on an obese diabetic mouse supplementing the substance, they’re finding the mice live longer. (Since a diabetic person’s life span is, on average, seven years shorter, they were looking for any anti-aging promise that increases dietary intake of this flavonoid might give.

Cocoa reduced degeneration of their aortic arteries, and it blunted fat deposition. Plus a bit of dark chocolate daily strengthens the heart, boost moods and keeps skin young.


Research has shown that vinegar can reduce the blood-sugar spiking effect of a meal, which has been linked to satiety, resulting in reduced food intake. That means feeling satisfied you eat less.

Vinegar may also prevent body-fat accumulation according to an animal study done in Japan research in 2009. In that research mice fed acetic acid, the main components of vinegar, for six weeks, this suppressed the accumulation of body fat in the mice.

That’s where the Apple Cider vinegar came to be very popular as one of the natural weight loss supplement.


A glass of wine for your health

New studies are highlighting the great promise of the antioxidant resveratrol (found in red grapes, mulberries, and peanuts too) as a fat releaser.

In an animal experiment, researches have found that moderate alcohol consumption does not promote weight gain.

In a separate animal study done in 2006, the research found that resveratrol improves exercise endurance as well as protected against diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

Main resources

Red grapes, Spanish peanuts, red wine

Studies have been all these years that clearly show a glass of wine is good for your health. The only thing that matters is that “Don’t drink heavily”.


Thank you very much for reading this post. I hope I was able to provide you useful information pertaining to this subject matter. If you have any question or concern about this article, please feel free to leave me a comment below and I’m very willing to help you.


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8 thoughts on “What foods to eat to lose belly fat.”

  1. Does carbs contribute to belly fat? I had no idea fat free milk offers more benefits after working out than whole milk. Is there a problem with just eating fruits? I am not a big salad fan, at all.

    • Hello Ronald,

      Yes, Too much consumption of carbs is one of the best friends of belly fat. If you are getting rid of the extra weight or belly fat-free milk is advisable. There is no problem with just eating fruits, there is a saying says If you eat one apple a day it makes your doctor away. You can mix your salad with young green leaves and any fruits you like.

      Thank you so much and have a good day,


  2. Losing weight after a normal delivery can be tough, but after Csection it seems even more complicated. I have to say thank you for sharing these tips and tricks for mothers who feel like they are at a loss on what to do about eating.

    What is a way to help the scar seems less visible?

    • Hi Jagi,

      As you said losing weight and belly fat after c-section is really complicated because of the incision that needs to be healed first before you do some hard exercise. It takes a couple of months to heal and put back the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

      About the scars, it takes four weeks to form new tissue and it can also start to massage solely the abdominal area. There are excellent creams to apply to make it less visible.
      You can find here.

      Thank you so much for the comments,

  3. I like this article, it’s quite informative – and you write really well. I learned something new reading this, I didn’t know about resvertrol, I found it really interesting. Can resvertrol also be found in peanut butter?
    I also didn’t know I could eat sushi to lose belly fat. I love sushi and sashimi.

    • Hi Lokhi,

      I’m glad if you found this article useful to you, yes I reach about this and I’m implementing it in our daily diet, and since before I’m getting rid accumulated unwanted fats.
      Resveratrol is a new study highlighting the great source of antioxidant. Peanut butter can be a source of resveratrol.

      You can eat sushi to lose belly fat as long as you select the toppings.

      Thank you so much for stopping by with your kind comments,

  4. Hi Lyn,

    I have long heard about the awesome benefits of quino and really wish to try and get quino for my breakfast and lunch in my workplace (~30 mins in total) but I find the preparation time consuming.. Any advice on some simple yet delicious recipe?

    • Hello Hans,

      Quinoa is very beneficial foods when comes to health and weight loss because it is so nutritious in spite it’s low calories food.

      Here is a simple recipe ( Heat oil in a 12, inch pan with a lid over medium heat, saute the garlic for 30 seconds. Add the quinoa, black beans, corn kernel, and minced tomato, taste with salt and pepper. Add the liquid or water the cook for 5 minutes then serve.
      Simple as that.

      Thank you so much, I hope you like the taste.



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