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The Natural way to Lose Belly Fat

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Take a slow and gentle deep-breath, hold on for a moment or two feel the tightening muscles on your stomach, then breathe out through your mouth repeat for 5 to times for starting. The natural way to lose belly fat.



Deep and Belly breathing is a type of exercise that makes you aware of your breathing, so when you inhale (take in air) through your nose, the breath is long and slow, and the atmosphere fills your lungs.

The second part of the exercise is to blow all the air from your lungs, nice and slow. You should see your lower belly rise when you breathe in and lower when you breathe out.

Yes, It is the first most steps to reduce your belly fat, or shall we call it abdominal fat.

You need to accept the fact that you are adding weight. But the good thing is you are not alone. It is a problem for nearly one-third of the world’s population. Only by accepting you are adding fat to your abdomen, your mind will work towards reducing it. Otherwise, you will continue saying it is only due to the wrong food and become vulnerable to most of the diseases in medical science.

A simple trick to find if you have belly fat

For many, it is obvious to know that they have belly fat. As per an old saying, there is no need for a mirror to examine the wound in hand. But still, if you want to find out if your belly filled with fat, the simple trick is to measure your waist circumference correctly.

  • Take off your shoes, stand with your feet together, relaxed, and exhaling.
  • Use a cloth measuring tape that cannot be stretched and measure your abdomen
  • The belly should be empty at the time of measurement, and the tape should be parallel to the ground
  • Record the measurements to close as one-tenth of an inch

Now you can confirm even without any scientific tests that you are obese or not with the following interpretation

  • Low risk for men is when the measurement is below 37 and for women below 31.5 inches
  • The intermediate risk for men is between 37.1 to 39.9 and for women 31.6 to 34.9 inches
  • High risk is above 40 and 35 for men and women, respectively.

But for accurately knowing your abdominal fat, it is better to consider a doctor to take a CT or computed tomography and an MRI or magnetic resonance Imaging.

Some exciting or dangerous stats of belly fat

Since now, you confirmed having a fat belly or not; it is time to know some statistics of obesity, which causes the belly fat.

  • Two out of three adults are obese
  • Since 1975 obesity has tripled among the world population
  • More than 2 billion people are overweight, and 650 million among them are obese
  • 40 million children under the age of 5 are obese and 340 million children and adolescents between 5 to 15 years old are obese

Two types of belly fat as science say

If the stats shock you, then you must know the science of belly fat, which makes it so harmful. The abdominal fat is due to two different forms that include

1. Subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat is the belly fat that accumulates just beneath the abdominal skin like anywhere else in the body. Though it is not harmful, it is also neither good for the body.

2. Visceral fat

It is the culprit that causes all the trouble. It is the fat that accumulated in the abdomen around the internal organs. Many theories have put forth for the accumulation of visceral fat. The earliest ones were linked to the body’s stress response mechanisms overactivity. It increases blood pressure, the sugar level in the blood, and cardiac risk.

Lipotoxicity is the new concept which says that the visceral fat cells release their metabolic products directly into the portal circulation. Since it carries the blood straight to the liver, it enlarges the physical fat cells due to excess triglycerides pouring fatty acids into the liver.

Also, these acids accumulate in the pancreas, heart, and other organs. But these parts of the body are not engineered to store fat, and they become dysfunctional. Then they start producing impaired insulin regulation, cholesterol, blood sugar, and abnormal heart function.

Causes of Belly Fats

If you are tired of the belly fat science though they are critical, it is time to know some practical reasons that cause it.

Food is medicine

As per an old saying, “we are what we eat,” food is the primary cause of abdominal fat. There are many wrong foods that we consume daily, which causes belly fat than anything else. Some of them include

  • Sugary foods like cakes, candy, drinks, fruit juice, and others not only cause excess weight but also slows down a person’s metabolism and reduced ability to burn fat.
  • If there is one unhealthiest food on the planet, it is the trans fat foods like packaged muffins, baking mixes, crackers, and others. They cause inflammation leading to insulin resistance, heart ailments, and many other diseases. Replacing them with healthy whole-grain, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fat foods will reduce belly fat.
  • Low protein food causes belly fat, and on the contrary, eating high protein food increases metabolic rate and decreases calorie intake.
  • Avoiding low fiber food and replacing it with high fiber food will help in controlling obesity. A recent study found 10 gm increase in soluble fiber decreases 3.7 % belly fat accumulation.
  • Consuming alcohol, even in small quantities, causes numerous diseases apart from increasing the belly fat.
  • Inactivity or lack of exercise reduces the capability of the body to burn fat to increases the belly fat.
  • Stress causes a steroid hormone cortisol which impacts the metabolism. A person with anxiety tends to eat more and increase the belly fat without proper metabolism rate.
  • Some genetics play a part in their belly fat as the genes influence behavior and metabolism.
  • Inadequate sleeping is another leading cause of gaining weight.

Facts to reduce belly fat

First, it is essential to admit that fact, that the fat accumulated over the years, cannot be able to get rid of in a few days. Many after a few days of maintaining good food habits and vigorous exercises, watch in the mirror and find the belly is the same as it was before. They lose faith and the courage to continue.

Some follow the practice of reducing belly fat for two or three days and start eating more than they are satisfied that they are in the process of reducing it. Others may do it for a considerable period and see good results. But due to many reasons, both personal and professional, discontinue it, to get the belly fatback soon.

One thing is for sure: reducing belly fat is not a one time or one month or even a two-year routine. It is like eating and sleeping every day. First, it may be a little tiresome and will make you feel what is going to happen if I eat little more and sleep happily in the morning without exercise for a week.

Most of us also compare with others and seek solace. If that person is eating so much and living happily for so long without any ailments, why not me. All these are only excuses, and only when the time comes for you to be in a hospital bed, it will be too late to do anything.

Additional ways to reduce belly fat

Much give complex ideas to reduce belly fat, which for many, is even impractical to do all their life. Apart from avoiding all the above causes of belly fat, here are a few simple ways to reduce belly fat.

  • Get more sunlight whenever possible to reduce weight and metabolic dysfunction
  • Stop using your vehicles for domestic and other work that could be easily possible with walking, for example, park your two-wheeler or car at the end of the parking lot and take a walk
  • Take some buttermilk or juice before eating your favorite meal to reduce consumption
  • Be aware of the calories you intake every day and except for one or two days a week, be strict on yourselves to not overeat
  • In a week which has 10,080 minutes, try at least to run 50 minutes as slow as possible
  • Do some physical exercise for minimum two or three days a week
  • Change your lifestyle to be stress-free and with enough sleep.
  • Avoid Oil fried foods like burger, homemade patty’s, french fries, and whatever comes with deep fry in Oil.
  • Stop having cold water or refreshing drinks right after your heavy meal or oiled items. Always have hot watered at least one glass after meals with the equal heat capacity of coffee.
  • Walk as much as possible per day at least around 6000 steps, which could be around 2 or 3 kilometers.
  • Avoid taking High carbohydrate foods.
  • Burn your calories from 6 am to 7 am in sunlight by walking in a pleasant atmosphere as a daily practice.




I'm a nutritionist, writer, a devoted housewife, and a mother of two grown-up ladies. A lover of nature, but my chief aim is to share my experience and knowledge to lose belly fat after c-section or standard delivery, in general, is natural and healthy ways.


  1. Srdjan says:

    Hi, a really nice and helpful article. I enjoyed reading it. I will try to use some of your tips and pieces of advice in the future. I’m already avoiding deep-fried food and sweets for the last couple of weeks. It has been har at the beginning but after some time the feeling is great.

  2. Kristina says:

    Great article, very helpful information . I will be sure to pass this info along to some of my family members so they can use some of your advice. Thank you

  3. Jan says:

    I really enjoyed your article. I admit, I do have some belly fat that I am currently trying to lose. I have been drinking less soda and more water with my food. Of course, it is ice cold water. I am going to try to have at least one hot glass of water after my meals and see if that helps.

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