How to use Slender tone Core Fit?- Must reminders for women after delivery and during monthly period.

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In my previous post, I wrote “Can I lose belly fat with Slendertone Core Fit”, and I was asked frequently of how to use Slendertone Core Fit.

Can a slender-tone make this result.
Can a slender-tone make these results?

And here I write some important points and reminders before using it, especially for women!

This device Slendertone Core Fit uses EMS or electronic muscles stimulation is to send an electrical current through the skin to contract abdominal muscles.

Although the Slendertone Core Fit may help the muscles contracts, you’ll need to adjust your diet and make time for cardio exercise to improve the appearance of your abs.

For women and mothers after their delivery, you must wait for at least six weeks after a normal delivery (vaginal birth) and three months for a c-section before using the device. If you have IUD you need to wait one month after fitting before use.

Consult your doctor if you have any question when it is safe to use the device.

Here are the steps of how to use Slendertone Core Fit.


Wrap the Slendertone Core Fit around your waist. The electrode pads should be facing your skin. Position the largest electrode pad over your belly button. The small pads should be centered between your hips and ribs on each side of your body.


Fasten the belt to the rear of the body. Press and hold down the “on” button for two seconds to turn on the belt.


Adjust the intensity by using the up and down arrow, keep on the control panel. When you feel your ab muscles contract, stop at the intensity level. You may feel a slight tickle as the muscles contract.

The manufacturer recommends a minimum intensity level of 15 to your first session. You may increase the intensity level at any time during your session.


Wait for your session with the Slendertone Core Fit to end. The device automatically stops after 30 minutes. For optional results, you are recommended by the manufacturer to use the Slendertone Core Fit five days a week for 30 minutes.

Take into Consideration!

Keep in mind that this is a device alone you will not get perfect abs through regular use, to have greater results you must exert effort to find a fitting exercise and have a balanced healthy diet is advisable.

Before you purchase Slendertone Core Fit, you need to know your waist size. Belt sizes for women range from 24 to 44 inches.


Do not use the Slendertone Core Fit on days when you have heavy menstrual bleeding.

Do not use if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Avoid use if you have any type of electronic or abdominal implant.

Here is the video that you can follow! If you have already the device.


Thank you so much for visiting my website, I hope I was able to provide you some useful information.

Do you have any question or concern about this product Slendertone Core Fit?

Please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Until then take care,

Lyn Matsushita

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6 thoughts on “How to use Slender tone Core Fit?- Must reminders for women after delivery and during monthly period.”

  1. Hi Lyn,
    Fantastic article! I just have one question. Is this safe to use for people who are known to go into Afib? A heart condition. I am not in Afib now, thank God.
    I was just wondering how much this will affect the heartbeat.

    Take care,
    Donna Rayne

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your compliments on my post.
      Afib or in other words, Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition that is irregular and often rapid heart rate that occurs when the two upper chambers of your heart experience chaotic electrical signals that can lead to heart failure and other heart-related complication.
      If you have been having this Atrial fibrillation or Afib problems, it is a “MUST” that you consult your doctor before using the device.

      Once again thank you so much and best regards,

  2. Hi Lyn,

    Are you personally using Slender tone Core Fit? If so, what kind of results are you getting? I actually go to the gym 3 to 4 days a week and am seeing results for shaping my body. However, my weakest point seems to be my abdomen. They say you can do sit-ups all day long and you won’t end up with a six-pack, but like you said, you have to combine it with a healthy diet and other exercise. I’m wondering if the Slender tone Core Fit would be a good supplement.

    • Hi Wendy,

      This device has been very popular recently, and beforehand, Slendertone Core Fit has not yet been manufactured and promoted when I have problems with my bellies 25 years ago, so, unfortunately, I have not able to use the device.

      Six months after my delivery, I have always had a flat stomach by doing some natural technics like deep-breath, slow jogging, stretching and all this kind associated with a healthy diet.

      However, I have a friend using it and she said, she loves to use it because it fitted her to her daily routines such as doing home chores and toning her abs and waistline.

      Wendy, you are asking if you can use the product, my answer is yes, absolutely you can use it as long as if you have not had the issue at the above reminders as I mention.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on this post and good luck on your workout as well.

      Best regards,

  3. Thank you so much for such an informational post! I had an emergency c-section 11 months ago today (I can’t believe my daughter will be 1 in a month!!). I have lost the baby weight and have been working to tighten up my stomach. This definitely gives me something to think about! Thank you so much for bringing educational information to this topic!

    • Hi Savannah,

      Thank you so much too for commenting with your kind words.

      I’m glad to know that you have overcome the difficulties of c-section and in good recovery as of now I suppose.

      As you see, after the delivery there are many things to consider such as healing the wounds properly to avoid infection, inflammation, severe pain, scars, and so many others, with all these problems another big issue is the belly fat, but it is a MUST that you wait 3 months after a c-section delivery and 6 weeks for normal delivery before using Slendertone Core Fit or any other devices.

      Again, thank you so much for visiting my site and I’m so happy if this information was helpful to you and more power to your total recovery.

      Best regards,


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