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How Do Hand Sanitizers Work- In your daily chores.

How effective is hand sanitizer in your daily chores? The answer may surprise you. In my job as a dietitian, a hospital, total protected outfit, and sanitation are a must before entering the facilities: proper handwashing and hand sanitizer. But nowadays, If you’ve visited a...

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7 Best Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Remember when you were at the most cherished years of your life, beautiful and free? Remember that feeling of absolutely liked and felt the wind in your hair and a smile you put on your face when are people admiring you with your poise? I...

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Can I use Waist Training after C Section?

Can I use waist training after c section delivery?  Are the concern of mothers who undergo a surgical incision delivery, or in other words, it is called Cesarean or c section delivery. Take in mind that binding the belly and the stomach after a c-section...

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