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How Do Hand Sanitizers Work- In your daily chores.

How effective is hand sanitizer in your daily chores? The answer may surprise you. In my job as a dietitian, a hospital, total protected outfit, and sanitation are a must before entering the facilities: proper handwashing and hand sanitizer. But nowadays, If you’ve visited a...

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The Natural way to Lose Belly Fat

Take a slow and gentle deep-breath, hold on for a moment or two feel the tightening muscles on your stomach, then breathe out through your mouth repeat for 5 to times for starting. The natural way to lose belly fat.   Deep and Belly breathing...

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Best for Weight Loss Method for 2020

Things evolve rapidly: weight loss too! Did you know that there are several new popular methods right now that you could try, and that research has made great strides? Many people aspire to lose weight. However, some methods work, ways that don’t work, and means...

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Exercises to lose belly fat after c-section

The common problem that most woman faces after C- section delivery is how to lose the unwanted belly fat while healing the body from the incision during the delivery. There are several exercises to reduce belly fat after a C-section. You can follow a routine...

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How can I lose weight by drinking water.

Many studies support the theory that sufficient water intake is beneficial for weight loss. Moreover, hydration is essential to so many other body functions, such as digestion and muscle function. Getting enough water into your body throughout the day aids the release of toxins from...

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How to lose belly fat naturally?

Enjoy the nature and relax with deep breathing.

Deep-Breathing and Belly Breathing Exercise will help you lose stomach and belly fats in a natural and simple way! Deep-Breathing Take a slow and gentle deep-breath, hold on for a moment or two feel the tightening muscles on your stomach then breath out through your...

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Lose belly fat fast exercise with a towel

Lose belly fat with a rolled towel.

An exercise with a towel can help you lose belly fat fast! A Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsudzi introduced a very simple method to lose belly fat and weight fast, which only needs a rolled towel as you lie down on it with a specific posture....

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