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What is a C Section Birth

You will be alarmed if your doctor tells you that you need to undergo on c section delivery. I know that because I was there two times. What is c-section First, what is the meaning C- section or cesarean section delivery, and why it is...

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C- Section Question on Expectant Mom

How to lose belly fat after c-section

  As c-section moms, I heard lots of questions surrounding c-section deliveries from nervous moms as I was. And here, I wanted to share our top 5 c-section related questions, and my Japanese doctor diligently answered. 1. DURING A C-SECTION, DO THEY REALLY TAKE OUT...

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C – Section Recovery Timeline

While every woman’s c-section recovery timeline is different and our bodies heal, there are some solid phases to what happens to your body during each phase. Unlike other surgeries where just put ice on the wound, elevate, rest, and let be the focus, with a...

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Can I use Waist Training after C Section?

Can I use waist training after c section delivery?  Are the concern of mothers who undergo a surgical incision delivery, or in other words, it is called Cesarean or c section delivery. Take in mind that binding the belly and the stomach after a c-section...

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Exercises to lose belly fat after c-section

The common problem that most woman faces after C- section delivery is how to lose the unwanted belly fat while healing the body from the incision during the delivery. There are several exercises to reduce belly fat after a C-section. You can follow a routine...

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About Me

Hello Friends! I’ll tell you my story and in return tell me yours! Welcome to my website, ” How I lose belly fats after a c section delivery” And this is my story! My name is Lyn; I’m a nutritionist, a devoted housewife, and a...

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