Can I lose belly fat with Slendertone Core Fit?

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Would you like to lose belly fat as well as tone your ab while doing your daily chores, relaxing with your friends, doing some workouts, watching your favorite TV program, or rather busy on your computer on your “At home business.”  Can I really lose belly fat with Slendertone Core Fit?

What is exactly, a Slendertone Core Fit?

This product is made by Bio-Medical Research Ltd and headquartered in Gal way Ireland, the product line encompasses electrical muscle stimulation pads which are applied to the skin and zap your muscle to contract.

Electro-stimulation has therapeutic use in a clinical environment (hospital or clinic) for rehabilitation purposes, though this technology is now being applied to consumer health, fitness and beauty goods (such as Slendertone)



Can I tone my ab while losing belly fat with a Slendertone Core Fit?

Yes, With a balanced healthy diet and proper workouts!

Here is a Clinical trial that was conducted by the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse School of Excercise and Sports Science and published in the International Journal of Kinesiology & Sports Science (2018)

  • 100% of users reported their abdomen muscles felt firmer and more toned after six weeks.
  • 92% of users said though that the firmness and strength of their ab muscles have an increase.

How does it work?

  • The Pads stimulates the nerve directly.
  • It stimulates the muscles directly to the abdomen.
  • I was contracting and relaxing the muscles up to 150 times in 30 minutes.

Using Slendertone Core Fit, What does it feel like?

When you first start toning, you will feel a tingly sensation.

As you increase the intensity, you will start to feel sharp muscle contraction.

It should not be too uncomfortable, but you should feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder every time you tone.

You should be able to hold a conversation, work at you dest, or do chores around the house.

Why is it that this product popularity in Japan arises like a blink of an eye in these recent years?

I first saw this product on TV commercials a few years ago, and the ad goes straight into a parade of hot-bodied goddesses and adonizes. The central close-up in the ad was Christian Rolando, a Portuguese professional footballer international wing-forward, wearing Slendertone Core Fit on his well-tone ab and fabulous body.  I was a big fan of soccer, so the image was a significant impact on me as well.

Because of these ads, lots of people bought the product, and there was a follow-up result of the people who bought the products, and most are satisfied, and one of my friends was one, and she is satisfied with the results.

It is how to use it the Slendertone Core Fit.

There was a study compared to a group of men and women receiving eight weeks of abdominal electron-stimulation to a non-electron stem control group at follow-up, they noted the following results.

  • 58% increase in strength
  • 100% abdominal endurance, but a 28% increase in the control group due to the learning effect.
  • 2.6 cm decrease in abdominal circumference.
  • 3.6 cm decrease in waist circumference.
  • 1.4 cm decrease in front to back diameter.

What is not careful about Slendertone Core Fit?

There is No change in abdominal or superficial skinfold thickness.

There is research analysis that is strictly using the machine; the increase in strength and endurance would be isolated to the specifically targeted areas.

Walking and slow jogging could help!


An increase in the strength of the abdominal muscle could theoretically reduce the circumference of the midsection. Since one of the roles of the abdominal musculature is to support the abdominal content, it follows that strengthening the abdominal muscles could, in effect, “pull-in” the abdomen much like a girdle. Then effect would decrease both the circumference and front-to-back diameter of the waist.

Can I use a Waist Trimmer Ab Stimulator Belt after having a baby?

Yes, this Slendertone belt is excellent for firming-up tummy muscles after pregnancy. Please wait a minimum of 6 weeks after natural childbirth and three months after a Cesarean section before using the Slendertone belt.

This will enough time for all scar tissue to fully heal before exercising the muscles.

I would recommend checking with your doctor first.

Read this post for further information.


It is an excellent idea to incorporate a healthy balanced diet and suitable workouts such as walking, slow jogging that will help for better health and improve your quality of life.

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If you have any questions or concerns about this product or any part of the article and the most thing that I want to know is your experience and feedback about this product. I would love to hear it.

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2 thoughts on “Can I lose belly fat with Slendertone Core Fit?”

  1. Thanks for information on Slendertone, this helps. Few questions:
    1) How often do you have to change the gel pads?
    2) Will this help burn visceral fat behind the muscle? I heard strengthening muscles in your stomach helps burn viscera fat. Will this help?

    Would love to hear from you on the same.

    • Hi Satz,

      Thank you for stopping by, my answer to your two questions.
      1. There is no specific time to change the gel pad if the gel has already loose to stick on the skin, and some say until 65 times used.
      2. Tha’s true it strengthens muscles in the stomach, which helps to decrease abdominal and waist circumference and also decrease front to back diameter.



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