Best Exercises You Can Do at home During Quarantine Period of Covit19 and Be Fit!

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Since the Corona Outbreak engulfed almost all the world over, it’s nearly locked down all over places. People are recommended to follow social distancing to avoid getting coronavirus disease. It is advised to be at your home and be safe.

So while being at home, the first thing that took a toll is your daily activity and fitness. The movement is restricted. As you can’t go to gyms, you can become a couch potato and even catch obesity blues and can gain weight.

To keep yourselves fit and active, you can perform your fitness activities right at your home.

Here are a few suggestions you can follow to keep yourself fit and active while being at home during corona outbreak:

The best exercise you can do with your family during the quarantine period

1. Bridge kicks

For perfect butt and thighs do bridge kicks. Lie on your back with your arms at the sides, then squeeze your butt and raise your hips until body is in a straight line. Raise your left straight leg as high as you can, then lower and do with the right leg. Perform three sets of 12 reps per leg, and you’ll be one step closer to killer legs and firm gluts!

2. Triceps dips

Sit at the end of the sofa and rest your hands at the end. Now walk your body out, so hips and your pelvic area are in the air. Lower your body to the floor, bending elbows, and straighten your arms. Do three sets of 18 reps. It is one of the best exercises you can do on your couch!

3. Seated scissors

This exercise is especially great for your legs and stomach. Scoot closer to the edge of the couch seat and sit straight up. Lengthen your legs in front, keep your legs straight, cross them back and forth in a scissor manner. Perform 50 times to achieve the sexy and robust core you deserve!

4. Couch push-ups

Kneel on the sofa with your arms positioned shoulder-width apart. Now bend your chest and elbows toward the couch, lower body, and push it back up. Make sure you keep your body in a straight line. Perform 20 times to achieve sculpted, toned arms!

5. Squat touches

This exercise will target your glutes and hamstrings. Sit down and stand up, and repeats 20 times. You can also perform jump squats to increase your heart rate. This is also a great exercise to improve your core strength.

6. Core exercise

Lie on your back on the couch, and while supporting your neck, raise and do a crunch hold for one second and then release. Repeat 20 times to get a lean, sculpted core! Do core exercise every day, and you can boldly show off your toned abs at the beach!

7. Couch lunges

Rest one leg on the sofa or the floor, and take a significant step forward, landing on your heel. Make sure your body weight rests on that front heel, so you’re able to wiggle your toes and raise them off the floor. While your front leg is forming a 90-degree angle at the knee, your knee is over your ankle.

Set health and fitness as a priority, and you can easily reach your goals! What’s your favorite couch exercise? Do you know some other activities to do on the couch? Share your thoughts, please!

No Equipment Home Workout

Regular exercise is essential to keep fit and also to help your mind and body to stay in shape. You always don’t need a gym to stay healthy. There are many exercises that you can do at home easily without taking the help of any equipment.

  • Warm-up: Start with jumping Jacks. 3 to 5 minutes will be high.
  • Abs: Sits ups are always easy to do and are very useful. A few steps would be significant.
  • Lower Body: Squats are a great lower body workout. You can have three sets of squats to get adequate strength.
  • Upper body: Punching is excellent for cardio and muscles. Make sure to move around and breathe properly.
  • Stretching: Perform at least 3 minutes of stretching exercises. Some yoga moves will be amazing, too, to provide your body with excellent flexibility and to get rid of body stiffness.

Just perform these exercises for only 15 minutes, and you are done for your morning and evening routine to keep fit and active.

You can do these exercises any time in the day to take a break from your TV sets or break your body stiffness.


Home Cleaning and Other Home Jobs

As now you are home, and no domestic help persons are available, you can perform all your home cleaning jobs yourself, which indeed will make you do physical activities and will make your fit. Apart from doing your home jobs, it will also make you fit. You can take over gardening or even some do-it-yourself projects to repair if you have some in your home.

Now is the time to spend more time with your family or find online fitness classes

If you are lagging down to make your at-home fitness routine regular, you can get yourself enroll in many of the online fitness classes being started nowadays. You can schedule yourself with these classes and regularize your timing to perform your fitness roundups and have your instructor right on your home screens. Even you can have a personal instructor on online video chats to get yourself do exercises correctly.

This time is also suitable for a lot of you who might be thinking of getting focus on yourselves and your family, those who want to get relive of their stress. It is the time when you can forget everything else and can think about just yourselves and your family and can do something to do to take care of your family and you.

You can follow your fitness goals following these suggestions to maintain your fitness levels. You can also share your ideas on how you can keep yourself fit in these hard days while being at home. Practice deep breathing.

Workout Video Streaming

Some of your know-how to perform fitness exercises by yourself, but some may be new or maybe taking the help of instructor for doing exercises right. If you are a beginner or want to try something new, you can take advice from online platforms to get educated. There are many online video streaming services. You can video search your favorite workouts on various search engines or other video streaming platforms. Youtube is the most common.

Additionally, you can these workouts in this video.

Stay Safe!


4 thoughts on “Best Exercises You Can Do at home During Quarantine Period of Covit19 and Be Fit!”

  1. These are great ideas on keeping up an exercise routine, even when we are stuck at home! I love that you have incorporated the couch into several of the routines. It is still so important to maintain our health, if not more important with all that is going on. Exercise can help keep your body in shape and help you feel more happy and productive!
    I agree that now is a great time to also spend more time with family and maybe even tackle some of those home projects that you have been waiting to complete. We can refocus on the things that matter most to us.

  2. Hi Lyn,
    What caught my attention was your mention about how to lose belly fat after a C-section, I think that is a niche all on its own. Its not as easy as one might think to build up those muscles after a C-section. I think your article above has some good solid tips and advice, though I would have really liked to see some illustrations or short video clips for each exercise you discussed. I think it would give me more motivation and desire to try it. Thank you for your tips and ideas for keeping fit during this crazy time. -Wendi

  3. Your article has perfect timing for those of us who are in shelter in place states.
    I live in the USA and all the gyms in my area have been closed for the last 3 weeks.
    Having your workout programs will supplement my routines at home and if I need extra motivation I can check out the online fitness videos. Thanks for the workout routines. Bob

  4. Great tips on how to stay fit! I am a mom and its so easy right now to feel sad and depressed but I do know if I even work out a little I feel so much better than if I would just sit around and binge watch shows. I do a lot of the exercises you mentioned above plus some others. I really enjoy doing squats and lunges.


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