Do I lose belly fat with fats?

Do I lose belly fat with fats? If I say Yes! Would you believe me? Avoiding fats is not a smart way of losing belly fats, as I said earlier in my previous post, a properly balanced diet that includes fats is the best way of losing belly fat and weight by considering whether a … Read more

How to get rid of belly fat – Hanging belly after c-section or natural birth in general

Although motherhood is beautiful and fulfilling of a woman’s life, most new mothers are also constantly anxious about the external changes of their body after pregnancy on how to get rid of belly fat hanging around the waist. However, you need to give your body a break to heal after delivery especially if you have … Read more

Shirataki Miracle Noodles – A magic noodles best for losing belly fats and extra weights.

    Have you heard about “devil’s tongue” before? Have you seen or heard about konjac tuber plant or konjac yum cake before? This is one of the best food that Japanese people love! Yes! This is where Shirataki Miracle Noodles the magic noodles came from. The phenomenon noodles with the lowest carb and almost … Read more

About Me

Hello Friends! I’ll tell you my story and in return tell me yours! Welcome to my website, ” How I lose belly fats after a c section delivery” And this is my story! My name is Lyn; I’m a nutritionist, a devoted housewife, and a mother of two smart and amiable daughters. I was born … Read more