Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale is Live Now!

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Amazon Black Friday Sale is Live Now through Tuesday, December 1, with new deals added as often as every five minutes for eight straight days. Customers will have access to more than 20 coveted Deals of the Day starting at midnight on Thanksgiving and up to 30 more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2020 sales are life – just in time for Christmas – and these are the best 2020 deals and offers available to buy online now.

In true Black Friday tradition, there are deals for just about everything you could be saving up for; mobile phones, washing machines, headphones, holidays, and all the Christmas gifts you might want to treat yourself (or others) to this year.

But unlike previous years, this year’s sales are entirely online – thanks to the second lockdown, which has closed all ‘non-essential’ shops for the rest of the month.

As always, The Telegraph has not only handpicked the highlights from an immense and ever-increasing selection of Black Friday retailers, but we will keep this page updated with the best last-minute bargains with you as they go live today.

The following, therefore, is our guide on how to find the best Black Friday 2020 deals today:

Where to find the best Black Friday deals today

  1. Amazon’s Black Friday extravaganza, which has been so successful for the company that it single-handedly pushed CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth past $100 billion in 2017, heavily promotes and discounts its own-brand products. Think virtual assistants, virtual books, and virtually anything else that falls under ‘tech.’
  2. TVs are a Black Friday staple and, as their back-end technology gets more and more advanced, OLED screens and last-gen models are much more affordable during this shopping weekend.
  3. Apple is not known for discounting its famous products on Black Friday. However, it’s not all bad news – many mobile network providers are offering sim-free iPhone and iPad deals, in addition to heavily reduced monthly plans.
  4. Clothing retailers typically prefer store- and site-wide discounts (often around 20 percent for high street brands and 10 percent for designers) to individual deals. This does, however, make them one of the few places to find great deals on a shop’s ‘extras,’ like accessories, homeware, and gadgets that make for brilliant stocking stuffers.
  5. PS4 and Xbox One ‘bundles’ (which include a console and a few discounted games) are available everywhere game consoles are sold. The new PS5 less so, but there’s still time for a few retailers to knock a little off its RRP.
  6. As part of an effort to expand their audience beyond second-hand lovers, eBay hosts a range of exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. In recent years, they have been especially generous with home appliance discounts.
  7. Both budding and professional photographers are likely to save hundreds of pounds on camera equipment and compacts. Most great tech retailers are discounting one or two hero products in each category.
  8. Both John Lewis and Curry s PC World price-match many of their competitors’ best deals, making Curry s an easy one-stop-shop for tech and John Lewis a worthwhile destination for higher-end products.
  9. See our guide on the best broadband deals for 2020

Ad Scan: Amazon does not release a traditional Black Friday ad anymore. Instead, it puts out a press release with a sample of items that will be available for a full week up to and including Black Friday.

Sale Start Date/Time: Since Amazon is an online store, new sales will go live 24 hours per day.

Special Promotions: Amazon offers multiple “Deals of the Day” for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the full week. Amazon also has the luxury of being able to provide the most and best discounts on their products. There will be plenty of Kindles, Fire tablets, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TVs. Additionally, high-quality televisions are Amazon’s bread-and-butter, so lookout for a ton of options from Samsung.

Amazon Black Friday Strategy: Since Amazon does not have any offline locations, all of its deals appear on its website. Their lightning deal format means that many of the top items sell out within a matter of minutes. While some products, notably Amazon’s electronics line, have quantities that last for the entire day, others are gone quickly. This means that it is vital that you keep your eye on the “upcoming deals” tab on Amazon’s website. It is also essential to have your account in good standing with recent payment information.

This sale only lasts through Cyber Monday! Don’t miss your chance!


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